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Internet speed

Speed test

3: Seeker

Can some one comform  when you do a speed test on OOKLA  it comes up with multi/single  connections  with one do click  on  I have been clicking  on single   or are you post to live it on multi 

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Hi @Johney1212 When ever I perform a speed test through Ookla, I tend to leave the connection setting as multi. This gathers speeds from numerous connections, usually anywhere from 3 to 8 - at the same time and measure the total speed across them all.

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16: Advanced member

There's no single right answer to this, but the normal means would be to use the default multi-connection test as it more closely reflects everyday use.  Generally, a single connection test should manage ever so slightly slower maximums, but if it's significantly slower then there may be issues with your connection.


If you want to see both then you can also try running the speedtest on sites such as

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