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Internet speed

Support team playing with broadband speed

2: Seeker



When calling the support team because of a low speed (usually DL 8 mb/s and UP 0,2 mb/s), i'm systematically requested to turn off the wifi, plug my computer via ethernet, and unscrew the wall plug to connect the router to the test bay.

However, I realized that everytime, my router was loosing all connection, like being being restarted. Even though I didnt do what was requested by the support team during the last calls, the speed increased to contractual levels (usually DL 35 mb/s and UP 10 mb/s).

Then, the answer given by the support member was that there is absolutely no issue on the line and the issue is coming from the WIFI, for which Vodafone has no (contractual) responsibility.


Am I the only one in this case ?

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16: Advanced member

Hang around here for long enough and you'll find that you are in good company!  The future proof Vodafone router was already out of date when it launched, and for some reason appears very much to be at least somewhat crippled.

Vodafone don't really offer a solution, but you are free to get your own VDSL modem+router which in most cases will banish issues with dodgy WiFi.

Screenshot_20190717-203119[1].gifSo this is the WiFi speed I'm looking at on a Basic Android Moto E4 plus - low spec with big battery, and there are multiple other 2.4GHz devices active at the same time

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@Noho12c So one of our team can take a closer look into the speeds over Wi-Fi and run some tests for you, please get in touch via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or contact us on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK

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