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Internet speed

Sync Speed Guarantee

4: Newbie

Hi VF Mods,


I've spoken to your technical team numerous times about my sync speed being lower than what was promised:


I have Superfast 2 broadband which means I should get 55mbps minimum - am I correct in saying this? They keep saying that I'm not entitled to any discount because my minimum guaranteed speed is 40mbps, however that isn't what I was told when I first took out the contract neither was it when I saw it on the website (which has now been updated to not include this guarantee).


Am I in the wrong???

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11: Established

What were you told your expected speed to be when you joined?

What does the Vodafone site say you should get currently?

What does the BT site say. (it should be similar to Vodafone's estimate)

If it is between 35 and 55 it is a up to to the user to decide if it is worth paying the extra for Superfast 2, but it seems unreasonable to expect a discount.


If you are getting a significantly lower sync speed than estimated. and you have tried with the router connected to the test socket contact Vodafone as they may need to runs some tests.



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16: Advanced member

The terms and conditions vary depending on when you joined.  It's the T&Cs specific to your joining date that will determine if you can get the extra discount.

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