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Internet speed

Synch speed went from 30 to 26.2

3: Seeker

Hi there, just realised my broadband speed is getting worse and worse, also synch speed dropped from 30 to 26.2.

Could someone advise please?

I've got Superfast 1

Thank you! 

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16: Advanced member

VDSL is susceptible to change unless it's dropped below your guaranteed minimum VF are unlikely to offer much help!  If it continues to drop then it might indicate a developing problem, but for some of us it can be as simple as the weather having affecting the cabinet (it shouldn't but it does).


If you suspect that it could be the weather then if you due to pop out for an hour or so, turn the router off while you are out.  When you return and turn it back on you may find the speed has increased.  *It's best that you only do this if you know for sure you are going to be out more than an hour!

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