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Unbearably slow speeds on Superast 2

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I recently signed up to a Superfast 2 18 month contract, with the activation date on the 23rd March (11 days late due to an error on Vodafones side). Since then, there has not been a single day where the wifi and wired connection speeds have not been completely unfit for purpose. 


I have been running speed tests via almost every day, sometimes twice a day. The only time where I seem to be receiving the speed I pay for is before 9am and after midnight. It's currently 22:42 at the time of writing this post and I have just run a wifi speed test which is stating I am currently getting 2.29 mbps Download and 11.8 mbps upload. I use a wired connection for my desktop PC and games consoles and wifi for all my other devices. Please don't tell me peak times on the Vodafone network are between 9am and Midnight.


I was paying less with Plusnet for a bog standard ADSL package and getting faster speeds. I can see the exchange box from the living room of my flat. I cannot stream Amazon Prime, Netflix, Twitch or Youtube without constant buffering. When the stream decides to play it can't handle any more than 240p. This package is meant to be suitable for a household of people streaming, browsing, working and gaming at the same time and it currently can't accomodate two people trying to watch 1 film!


I understand that all services are struggling currently due to the Coronavirus but this is absurd. I am paying full price for a service I am just simply not receiving. My partner is currently working from home. I am an emergency services worker and split my time between home and work so the needs for a consistently good speed and stable connection is a necessity.


I do not use Facebook or Twitter and don't want to have to be forced to use them in order to resolve this issue. If anyone else is also experiencing a similar issue then please feel free to comment here.


Vodafone need to see. My friends and family with other providers in the area are not having issues as unbelievably bad as this.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @Michael233 


Being connected and with usable speeds is important I understand with the ability to use all the different devices we use in our everyday lifes.

Now even more with these unprecedented times we all find ourselves in wether a front line keyworker or not.

I appreciate your not wanting to use Social Media but please be assured they don't discuss anything out in the open feeds with you. Its all done via Dm's and Private messages. 

I also appreciate some just don't like Facebook or Twitter. An account can be deactivated once there's no more use for it.

If you change your mind the link is 》Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries. 

Or raise a Complaint if you feel this necessary although personally I'd let the Team try and help.

Other alternatives are Live Chat or via phone but take into account you might be waiting a little longer for the call to connect to an agent due to these unprecedented times.


People who are getting below the guaranteed speeds can get a reduction in monthly costs but I also appreciate this does not help with your current situation.

I have read that some have benefitted from using their own router 》HOW-TO-Use-a-third-party-router-on-Vodafone-VDSL but the Vodafone Connect Routershould be adequate.

In the interim I invite you to perform a forum search to see if you get any return hits from threads holding tips and advice from people in the same / similar situation.

Vodafone provide a 14 day cooling off period to leave without penalty.

Some possible help links below.....


ofcom - Stay Connected.  

I wish you all the best with this situation. 


🌈 Stay Safe  🌈 



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As your download speed is slower than your upload speed, I'd probably think there's a protocol issue somewhere.  So, if you are using windows, hit the Win key and start typing "find and fix network issues".  That'll bring up the option to run the network troubleshooter....