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Internet speed

Upgrade profile to 80/20

3: Seeker

17 months into my contract and yet another drop from 40mb to 21mb so again an openreach engineer came to investigate (had about 6 out since moving to Vodafone).

I understand it is OR network and vodafone are always prompt to get me fixed, cant fault the customer service.

So the engineer fixed a corroded connection on the pole, and he reluctantly got a dlm reset (with me pushing him to) and now back to 41/10 (before dlm kicks in over the next week).

He did point out that i was on 80/20 profile at the cabinet so anyone know why my router says i am on 40/10 even though i am on superfast 2 ?  Can i get this upgraded, will i benefit if the copper cannot handle it (maybe it can ?).

As i am coming to the end of my contract if i can get better with another provider then i will have to shop around.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @mrounds

no one here has account access so you will need to contact Vodafone via their Facebook or Twitter pages for further help. 

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3: Seeker

thanks, i was asking if anyone knew if this is normal and would there be any benefit in pursuing.

If anyone had the same experience it would help me decide whether to contact someone who does have account access.

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16: Advanced member

I guess the first question is:  Where are you getting the info that you are on the 40/10 profile from?  The old router doesn't *explicitly* say this though it may tell you the VDSL2 MODE which for 40/10 would be 8A, whereas for 80/20 it would be 17A.  In order to get anything near the profile speeds, you almost have to be sat on top of the cabinet, the further away you are from the cabinet the lower your speed.


If your router is telling that your VDSL2 MODE is 8A then you indeed have a problem!

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3: Seeker

Thanks, all i can see in the router settings DSL mode is G.993..5 (VDSL), cant see anywhere that says 8A or 8B.

The Bit Rate says 40953 downstream and 10020 upstream which is why i assumed it was 40/10 (engineer assumed the same).

Anyway, i am about 1km from the fibre cabinet so it sounds like i would not get much more than 40mb on the copper line.

I'll see how the speed is in a few days, if stable then i will be happy anyway.

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