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Internet speed

Very Poor Sync speed and customer service

2: Seeker

I am 12 months into a 18 month contract and i want out. I have a copper wire connection to the house and the first month i was getting a reasonable connection (Joined Vodafone Sept 2019), but by december the sync speed had dropped to 13Mbs and i was given the 15% discount in April i was assigned a case manager, who told me that Vodafone were not in breech of their contract because there is some small print an an even lower minimum internet speed which they were hitting. For the last 2 months the connection has been dropping out altegether, which has now stabilzed but the sync speed is now 2 Mbs...2, i am paying £20 a month for 2 Mbs, its a joke.

Can somebody tell me how to get out of the remainder of the contracr?

I still firmly believe Vodafone are in breech of their own contract. I want to go back to Sky who can give me a connection speed of 40+ Mbs a professional company, not like this bunch of losers

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16: Advanced member

You need to begin the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) process, the links to which you'll find under how to complain at the bottom of this web page.

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Hi @Pappa_T  Let's see what we can do to help improve your speeds. So we can take a closer look into this, please pop us a message on one of our social channels with a link to this thread and we'll be happy to help.

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