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Internet speed

Very slow broadband speeds

2: Seeker



So, as the attached screenshot of my vodafone router page with downstream/ upstream speeds. 


On the right is me currently downloading a MAP upgrade for VW sat nav. Yes, it's 24.4GB, but what I'm questioning why my download speed is 819kb/sec!?? I'm paying for up 72mbps??


Please someone tell me what I am doing wrong(if anything at all).


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Hey @PaulMcC84, I noticed from your screenshot that your'e connected using Wi-Fi.


It's likely that you've got some interference over the Wi-Fi, maybe from other router nearby.

If you connect your computer to your router using the Ethernet cable, and test again, this will let us see if there's an actual issue with your service.



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2: Seeker

Haha,that’s a brilliant response,please could you let me know how interferences in a 2 bed house,tv is on the other side of he room,microwave is about 20ft away in the kitchen and not in between my router and pc..oh just to add I’m sat next to the router(about 3feet 😂)...interference,lmao.


im supposed to be getting 79912kbps  and I’m get between 700 & 900kbpsas per the screenshot.


can you come up with a better and more believable excuse as to why this is happening please.

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Hey @PaulMcC84, please connect your computer to your router using the Ethernet cable and test your speeds again.

Make sure to disconnect any other device from Wi-Fi as this will give us a true reflection the speeds you're getting to the device.

Once you've done this, send us a screenshot and we'll take this further.

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