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Internet speed

Very slow internet and lag when playing ps4

2: Seeker

Some time ago I switched to Vodafone gigafast 500Mbps. Using internet only for Netflix and gaming was hopping that finally I can play on PS4 console lag free. 

When checking internet speed on my iPhone through the wifi I got about 480Mbps download and upload with ping 12ms. Test on laptop showing about 350Mbps for both download and upload, ping 19ms. Unfortunately on PS4 I can get only 50Mbps (250Mbps sometimes) download and roughly 6 up to 9Mbps upload. This is very frustrating  . Playing on console is pointless because of lag which simply makes all of the games unplayable.


I had 50Mbps download and 10Mbps upload from my previous broadband provider and connection was very stable. Now, having “gigafast” broadband I cannot see any improvement of speed connection on PS4 or even more I see this worse because of unstable, various speeds on gigafast. 

So far what I have done is:

- I bought new tv. Newer model, 4k, gaming “friendly”

-I have replaced all the cables for newest, fastest 

- changed the broadband provider (super duper gigafast now)

- few days ago I bought new PS4 pro console..


...still the same : download average 50Mbps, upload 6Mbps. 

I used to try with DNS servers setting it up to public, tried with some router settings but no joy so far - incredible lag and unplayable games. 


I though it could be PSN problem with servers or possibly game developers but I spoke to my friends down in Germany and Poland they don’t have that. They got better, more stable connections. If broadband provider promised them to have 100Mbps they got it on all devices connected to network including PS4 (all of them have D and U speed up to 100Mbps).

Why I cannot get it?

I am located in Scotland, this is not end of the world yet so why I am suffering such issues? I would be happy to have 50Mbps only on PS4 on both D and U which I hope would sort out the problem . 


Any help?

Any ideas? 



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16: Advanced member

The fact that you have a good connection to your iPhone means that at least the connection is working properly, so the issue is with your home network.


The simple solution if at all possible might be to connect the PS4 directly to the router with an ethernet cable, if that's not possible then via a powerline adapter, though these can add 2-3ms (which is insignificant) extra lag.


It's possible that the problem you may be facing is one of signal strength/propagation.  To get a good WiFi signal you'd ideally want there to be no obstructions between the router and the PS4 and for both to be situated in a clear-ish space - home entertainment units can wreak havoc on WiFi (as can the very solid construction of many older Scottish houses!).

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2: Seeker

Console is connected directly to router with ethernet cable. 

Fibre ONT, router, tv and console are in one place no more than 1 meter apart.

ethernet cables, hdmi are new.


TV and console is connected with cable to router, then I got 2 iPhones and 2 laptops connected via WiFi. Laptops are used rarely.



Another thing I noticed is that when I was logging to router it shows 2 users logged. Isn’t it strange?



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Thanks for getting in touch @KOWSKYSTERr123. You may want to contact Sony directly and check to see if there's any kind of speed cap that might be applied, as a quick Google search has bought up a few results. 

Have you tried changing your DNS settings? Like the below for example:

  • Primary
  • Secondary

Give that a try and let me know if there's any improvement.

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2: Seeker

Hi TJ,


 I spoke to the guy from Sony some time ago and I’ve been told that there is no speed cap on Sony PS4 but console is able to handle only some certain speed (as far as remember this is up to 400Mbps). 


I used to try DNS settings. It doesn’t change a lot. 


Also, I know that the speed test on PS4 is not (possibly) very accurate  but I think that discrepancy between download and upload speed is not right.   Todays test on Ps4 shows



My gigafast tariff is 500Mbps


I am Okay with download because is always above 50Mbps but upload is almost always below 10Mbps which I coul get easily from previous internet provider (D:50Mbps, U:10Mbps very stable compare to Vodafone I got now).



tell me if there is option on Vodafone router to stop throttling ?

If I could assign more data into one device by opening ports or bypass firewall?




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@KOWSKYSTERr123 I'm sorry changing your DNS settings hasn't improved your speeds, I appreciate how unsatisfying this can be. Can you please try opening a web browser whilst you're on your PlayStation and go to to perform a speed test? Whilst doing this, please also make sure you're doing this both wired and wireless. Once you've done this, please let us know the results of the sync speed and download/upload.

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2: Seeker



Silly me.

on PS4 I always checked speed through ystem > Test Internet Connection .


PS4 on web browser, the results are as follows:


Ping : 29ms

D : 283.43Mbps

U : 353.63Mbps



Ping : 33ms

D : 225.46Mbps

U : 114.49Mbps

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Thanks for checking all of this @KOWSKYSTERr123 and I'm sorry that you've seen no improvement yet with the steps provided.


At this point we'd need you to get in touch with our Specialist Gigafast team who can take a closer look into your query. You'll be able to reach them by dialling 08080 034 515 and following the options for Home Broadband.


Please be aware that our team may ask you to complete some testing on a laptop or PC. Ross

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