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Internet speed

Vodafone throttling? WiFi and Ethernet speeds

12: Established

yeah they seams to be a big issues with routing and slow internet at night time i cant even get standed netflix most nights . but i did include this thead into the complain letter thats why i added the routing issues and vodaphone throttling ,and issue with streaming tv into it 

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2: Seeker

appear to be in the same boat of using a service provider who is failing.  off peak can get speedtest download at 60+mb, of an evening can be under 1mb.  paying for fast broadband, but can not use streaming services.  put a complaint in and look to break out of contract.  used BT and Talktalk before, same house, same BT Openreach link, with never this much of a problem.  tech just want testing and then offer some credit.  even bumped me 50gb of data on my phone, but that i use wifi calling because it’s poor signal, got me both ways.  Vodafone fix the problem.

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