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Internet speed

Who do I contact about my line speed?

2: Seeker

Hi. I signed up for the superfast 2 fibre service 3 weeks ago and my router is syncing at 20Mbit/s.  I'm already claiming the 15% discount as this is well below the guarantee of 55Mbps, but at the time of doing this I was told that Vodafone would look to see if they could improve the line speed.


I've heard nothing since and can't find out who I can talk to for an update on this. I'd like to know if they are actually doing anything about it or not... because if not, well because my speeed is below the guarantee level for the superfast 1 package, I'd be better off changing to that service, and getting the discount on that price!

Is there an email address I can use to contact someone about this - the only options I can see are phone and live chat.

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15: Advanced member

You need to either catch Vodafone Tech support either by calling them or better still on web chat.  With that sort of speed, they'll probably run through a few checks to make sure your speed is truly impacted, and it's not just how you have things set up.  If it is a fault then they should be able to get an Openreach engineer out within 2 weeks!

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