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Internet speed

Why is Gigafast 2.4Ghz WiFi Speed inferior to Superfast 2.4Ghz?

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Why is Gigafast 2.4Ghz WiFi Speed inferior to Superfast  2.4Ghz?


I upgraded from Superfast Fibre to Cabinet and Copper to Premises to Gigafast Fibre to Premises


With Superfast with the 2,4Ghz connection I had a speed of 60+ Mbps

When Gigafast was connected the speed dropped on 2.4Ghz to 30 to 36 Mbps


Other than the change of Router and the method of connection nothing else changed. Still the same devices connected, still the same location for the Router and connected devises


Vodafone Level 2 support claim the problem is interference reducing the speed. But I have a Powerline WiFi extender and that provides better speed than the Router does. The Extender has a speed of up to 50Mbps


There is no problem with the speed to the Router and no problem with the 5Ghz speed - only the 2.4Ghz speed is degraded.


With Level 2 support, we have tried turning off all devices including a portal wireless phone. With only the computer connected and next to the Router there is no change or improvement - 2.4Ghz still only 30 to 36 Mbps

Not able to discover why with the Superfast Router the 2.4Ghz channel provided a better faster connection speed.


Any ideas / suggestions would be appreciated

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16: Advanced member

vodafone has recently decided thats its better for vodafone to control your WIFI and WIFI setting so maybe this has something to do with it.  WIFI doctor vodafone are claiming it's better . Customers are saying its not .

Also I guess you had the vodafone thg3000g  router and when you upgraded vodafone sent you a thg3000 router there is a difference between the two routers

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16: Advanced member

I suspect you had the HHG2500 before and you now have the THG3000.

There are many complaints on here about the WiFi performance of the THG3000. Personally I find it O.K. but the 5GHz is better than the 2.4Ghz. Fortunately most of my devices can use the 5Ghz.

I think it just comes down to the fact that some routers are better than others in your individual circumstances.

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