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Internet speed

WiFi Speed drop off

2: Seeker



When I plug a cable into my router I get Downloads circa 61 and Uploads circa 17 Mbps.

Unplug the cable and use wireless, with the same laptop, less than a meter away from the router with nothing in between them, clear line of sight and I get Downloads circa 29 and Uploads circa 10 Mbps. (see image).


Move from the dining room where the router is to the living room and Fire TV buffers repeatedly and then loses connection completely.


Go upstairs and the teenage son is in full hormonal fuelled meltdown as nothing seems to work on his devices.  We have a modest two bed house so it really does not have a lot to contend with.


I pay for Unlimited Broadband 76 and even plugged in I am not getting the Min Download and Upload speeds that the paper work says I should.  Having the temerity to want to use Wi-Fi and these less than promised speeds are halved within a few feet of the router and now non-existent if I moved to another room.


I only have the one router that you sent me, I think that it might not be up to the job.


This situation has always been like this, the discrepancy between cabled and wireless with a few feet and sight of the router, but over the last few weeks it has got to where it is now. Screaming teenager upstairs. Wailing toddlers in the living room. I was happy with the wailing toddlers at first as it meant no more binging on Pepper Pig, but now I would welcome the stroppy, whining, self-centered pig with open arms.

Please help

Speed Test.png

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4: Newbie



Have you tried any of the wifi checks?

You can split the SSID's to create 2 wifi networks, one on the 2.4ghz frequency and another with the 5ghz frequency. (2.4 has a longer range so may be better to have devices on this that are furthest away from the router).

You can also do a wifi analyser/scan if you have an android device. You can do it on apple devices too, however some of the apps here are chargeable where ##~## most samsung phones have this installed on the phone.

This will scan the wifi channels in you area and advise what are the lest congested channels. You can then use the app to change the channels to the least congested ones.


This is what i have found on the website



This link just has other FAQ's on wifi that might help.


I wouldnt say that the router wifi is poor, but its definitely not the best and seems to take some fiddling to get right - and even then continued monitoring of channels to ensure previously uncongested ones arent now congested if say your neighbours have done similar things.  (think cars on a motorway using just one lane). I however did end up buying my own router to get decent wifi. I tried alot with TP links and the voda router but it just wasnt up to it so i got myself one.


If you do go down this router, the care teams are able to provide you with the username/password however after this the support will stop. Any issues in the future you need to plug the voda router back in which is a bit of a pain.


hope this helps



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2: Seeker

Hey ya,

Thanks for responding. The SSID are split and I have done a certain level of tinkering with regards the devices on 2.4ghz

Had tried using the Voda App to look for the least congested channels, bag o rubbish does not seem to work.  Following your advice I used an Android device and downloaded an App. I have used that to ID the less congested channel and have switched my router to the same.  Will see how that goes and thank you.

If things don't improve then I will start some online research into getting an alternative router.

Cheers again


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