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Internet speed

Wifi Strength

3: Seeker

I'm thinking of moving my PC to a different part of the room (in the lounge). But I might need to use wifi. Either wifi or buy a 5 meter ethernet cable.

My PC is current 5 foot away from the router. Just tried the wifi for the first time ever on PC. The wifi download is 14.2 Mbps. Using the ethernet cable it's 64.1 Mbps!

Shouldn't it be comparable (about the same) if PC is only 5 foot away??

This might also explain why my alexa dot device keeps malfunctioning (but didn't prior to August when I was with BT).  Also when I bought a tablet the wifi signal kept disconnecting (so I sent it back).  I don't normally use wifi apart from alexa.  Don't think I will be able to use wifi in any other room!

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16: Advanced member

So, when you start using WiFi you can find that at the extremes closer does not always mean better.  At five feet away from the router to be honest the signal should be 100% even if your WiFi antennas were the equivalent of bent coat hangers!

The thing is - it's WiFi, hopefully, you can just try it in the new location.

It is worthwhile restating that ideally, your router would be at least a foot away from the wall, at waist height and if not higher is better than lower, and away from mirrors, windows, large metal objects, fish tanks, and the like...

As you said PC rather than laptop can I assume this is a desktop or tower, if so then it can be that the PC construction can work as a very effective shield preventing good WiFi.  If so then a WiFi card with connectors that allow you to place the WIFi antennas way from the case can be a great improvement.


*I know I use a third party router/mesh and the VF routers don't have quite the range, but I'd still expect them to have the WiFi rage to cover a house even if not at the best data rates at the extremes!


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9: Established

Lizaed Systems Wi-Fi Scanner..png


Lizard Systems tells me the above.  NB: This laptop don't have 5 GHz WiFi, hence the empty space.



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