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Internet speed

Will a third party router solve my woes?

4: Newbie

Ive had vod 4oMb BB since May. Ill be honest and i expected better and so it is not delivering what i expected. Sure the connection is synched at close to 40Mb but i keep having issues with what looks like slow web browsing response, some buffering when using iplayer etc, and what i think is wireless disconnects and reconnects. What is the point of having a 40Mb pipe if there is an apparent blockage in it? There is nothing wrong with the installation in my home. I have it optimised for best quality and speed and its ducted,not on poles. The FFTC cabinet,,well if there wasnt a block of houses in the way, i could see it. Will a third pty router cure my woes or am i best getting out on the price rise cancellation policy? If so who to go to? would it be just the same? TBH the servicei  had now is no different to my ADSL service which seemed to work better. Far better to have a full ish 8Mb pipe than a 40Mb pipe with a blockage?

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16: Advanced member

You probably need to speak to the Tech support team to see if they can run some tests on the connection.


You may also want to try setting up a ThinkBroadband Quality monitor which can highlight a few things.


It generates a graph like this:07f1196555f02fbf6f34c4b9a7928a3eae355af6-01-11-2019

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4: Newbie

I had daily dissconections....but 3rd party router has helped that ! Still odd few but not daily.. I believe router the main cause for concern. 

I to am thinking of leaving after my email about leaving penalty free....

But who to is the question  ?

Things ok at mo but when they not CS is not helpful or contacable.....

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