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Internet speed

broadband speeds again

2: Seeker

have sent in a complaint online response was some one will call you within 48hours. No one did.

Sent a message through there face book page yet again no response.

I read some where on this forum that vodafone have found the problem with there slow broadband and tested a system and would be rollong it out, is this true and if so whens it going to happen?

Think its time to walk

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4: Newbie

Good decision..



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I'm sorry for our delayed response on Facebook @dobbin, we're extremely busy at the moment. If you've still not received a reply, let us know your facebook user name or post a link to your message here and we'll get this chased for you.


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2: Seeker

Here's an idea, provide the broadband service your being paid for. I'm sure the complaints department would be much less busy. Just a thought.

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