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Internet speed

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2: Seeker

First post, since Vodafone has decided their customers do their job for free and there are plenty volunteers.

My broadband is quite slow today. Regardless of what the app indicates, no way I have 79.9Mbps. I have test the speed in my laptop and my phone and both give me readings around 4 to 5 Mbps. This morning was impossible to stream in HD.

Any way to sove this issue? I have less devices connected than usual and they have been connected the same way for years, so what's different? I can only guess the speed I get AFTER the routeer (unless the router has some kind of issue).


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Hey @jdeepsea, there's some home checks we can do which can provide you with better speeds. Where in the house is your router positioned? Is there anything surrounding the router that could interfere with your broadband connection i.e. Microwaves, baby monitors, refrigerator, mirrors, cupboards etc? Does this happen on a wired connection? What kind of master socket is the router plugged into i.e non-filtered or pre-filtered? Could you have knocked the micro filters or router while vacuuming for example? Is there any damage to the micro filter? Has there been any road works in the street near to your cabinet? All of these can impact your WiFi experience. 

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