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Internet speed

not what you expect from vodaphone.

2: Seeker

Vodaphone speeds are set by openreach.but they do not state this when they dangled a carrot in front on your nose.44-76 speed sounds good. minium is 44 by openreach notched up 10 to 55.if your lucky. sycro app says 54.still under 55.But you do get a slight refund.They should advertise fibre braoadband not upto 76 but only to 50. That on a straight line to computer. Regardless what they so call app says..

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Hey @zippy007 thanks for getting in touch. We'll need to access your account to take a further look into this. 

Please contact us via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or get in touch on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK. Make sure to pop your username and link to this thread in your message too, this will save you having to explain again and we can help you quicker. 

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