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Internet speed

slow VPN connection

1: Seeker

Hi all

got an issue with very slow VPN over tethering. it connects to a draytek router in my office. used for accessing files etc on that network, general internet traffic uses local gateway and not remote


VPN connects but is extremely slow. i.e barely connects. i can ping the various servers over the VPN but cant actually connect to any because its so slow. normal internet traffic is fine unless i use remote gateway in which case its the same as above, i can ping but thats about it


the same VPN connection (but different user) is used on my phone. works perfectly. above happens regardless of state of VPN on phone whether its connected or not


same VPN on laptop works perfectly on any other wifi connection with the exact same settings, just wont work over tethering


Any ideas?

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Hey @andy2022 Is it just the laptop you're trying to tether or is there multiple devices? 

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