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Cannot make outgoing calls from landline

2: Seeker

I joined Vodafone broadband and landline on 11 December. On 14 December I realised that I could not make outgoing calls using a landline phone. Vodafone technical asked to do many tests. They identified that I can make outgoing calls if I dial 1280 before any phone number that I would like to speak to. Since the 14th, it is the 18th now, Vodafone have not been able to solve the problem. I checked dialling 1280 on a Google search and it suggests that my problem is probably caused because of an error in a system transferring from my old provider to my new provider (Vodafone): Vodafone probably thinks I am not supplied by them and so will not let me make any calls from one of their landlines.

Has anyone else faced this problem? How long did it take to get solved? I have spoken four times to the Vodafone technical team since the 14th and there has been no progress in getting the issue resolved, or the cause explained.

Many thanks.

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2: Seeker

My mum is having the same issue did you resolve this if how was it resolved I've rang Vodafone several times and they say the fault is sorted but its not

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Hello! I'd recommend contacting the team on Social Media if you haven't already. A member of the team would be happy to assist, as we're unable to discuss accounts on the forum. If you've moved your landline number over to us, we can contact the Open Reach on your behalf to ensure that this transfer was completed correctly and we can also book engineer appointments if needs be through this avenue. Please let us know how you get on


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