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Landline telephone number portering

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Have been waiting for some three weeks or more to get my telephone number transfered from my last Isp to Vodafone. Am told that Openeraeach deal with this. Cannot receive calls on landline as a result of problem. Any suggestions as to how can get issue speedly rectified?


Thank you for getting back to us @hiker48 You can message us via your X account by locating our account using the username @VodafoneUK, and selecting the message icon on our profile. If you've submitted a complaint via our online form, our team will review and reach out to discuss this with you within around 7 to 10 days. 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@hiker48  The link in @Janey  post about where the red "here" is the link to the social media page, where you click on the link to X and you should be in a message composition window.

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16: Advanced member

The social team are the people who post on the various social media sites. (They are also the mods on here)

There is a link to twitter (X) on the page @Janey posted, however here it is again..

X (formerly Twitter)


I made a formal complaint to Ofcom and advised Vodafone of the reference number. As a result I received a very speedy response yesterday evening. I was told that the number porting  had taken place on the date the broadband went live with Vodafone. This is of course at odds with what I was told when I previously reported the issue. In fact I was told that Openreach was being chased to fix the matter, apparently all untrue. It turned out that it was a technical issue on my line and in the words of the technician the line needed to be "refreshed". I take this means that there was a failure in the first instance by Vodafone to set it up properly. All in all a rather sorry introduction to the service preovided by Vodafone. Hopefully that is the end of the matter. Thanks for your offers of help.