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Landline VOIP over FTTC teething problems

My elderly parents have recently started a Fibre 2 broadband and landline contract with Vodafone. Their broadband is supplied via FTTC and the internet cable for the router emerges from a NTE5C Master Socket and connects to their Vox 3.0 router. Just...

kj-mil71 by 3: Seeker
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FTTP, VOIP and own router

Hi,I have the Fritzbox 7350 and moving to a FTTP,Can I use my router for VoIP calls? I believe it supports VOIP.Thanks

Home phone optikns

Hello everyone I have a question regarding the homophones on vodafone fttp is there a way of making the line incoming calls only as we only need it for receiving calls as we have unlimited calls on our mobiles, Many thanks for your time 

Vodafone fibre landland

Hi,I've a Vodafone fibre and landline to the house with an ultra 6e hub router (worst router I've ever used in my option).  However, ignoring that, I've issues with the landline.The landline occasionally stops working.  No indication, I just get a ca...

Vodafone want to give me a new VOIP number.

So I used to be with plusnet and they were happy to continue giving me phone and broadband until they take down the copper cables in 2025 or whenever its happening, but it was more than what others were offering so I moved to Vodafone under the expli...

Landline is faulty

People can ring me, although often the quality is not good but I am completely unable to ring out on my land line - [Removed] [MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove personal information please see Community Guidelines]

TuckerD by 1: Seeker
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Getting through to someone

I rang vodaphone a few weeks ago and received very good service. I have tried to find the same number on the web-site with zero luck. Why is this?I could send a very long e-mail that may go to the wrong department and would take a lot of time so how ...

lonely by 2: Seeker
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Problems with Digital Voice calling iPhones

Is anyone else experiencing a problem when calling a mobile - specifically in my case iPhones - using the Digital Voice landline?I have just moved over to Vodafone Broadband with Landline and whilst the broadband setup is fine, whenever I have tried ...

Gytrash by 3: Seeker
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