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VOIP. Callers don't get busy tone

Slowly resolving the endless unexpected issues around switching to VOIP eg hardwired internal extensions don't work - now have 3 DECT phones so that's sorted. But why don't they tell you when/befoe you sign up?Current issue: I'm on a call using a pho...

Receiving Digital Voice on a mobile phone?

I have just installed the Vodafone Business Pro II Fibre 2, and my old landline number has been converted to digital audio. I have a phone connected to the router, and everything is working well. I know that there is an option to divert calls to a mo...

AlexGoUK by 3: Seeker
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VOIP settings

I recently moved to the Xtra package, on receipt of my new Vodafone router I found the UI clunky and the speed dismal, I have been with Vodafone for many years and always used a TP Link router, I had forgotten just how bad the OE router is. I hunted ...

Yoshi21 by 2: Seeker
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My vodafone landline is unreachable from BT landlines

My vodafone landline is unreachable from BT landlines - callers from a BT landline receive a number unobtainable tone - it has been like this since the line was installed in September 2023Any advice on how to get this fixed?

Resolved! VOIP/Digital landline migration

Hello I'm shortly due to have my Vodafone landline migrated to a SOGEA Fibre 1 connection which means that my current landline supplied via overhead Dropwire will migrate to be ported onto VoIP. I've received the RJ11 to BT female adapter and it shou...

Calling features now available on Digital Voice

How come Vodafone has been quiet about launching calling features on Digital Voice? People still seem to think they are not available.Does Vodafone not realise that the lack of Calling features was a huge barrier for some people who want a landline s...

Nick89 by 4: Newbie
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Caller ID problem (and solution?)

I was just about to post this problem for help but it appears to be fixed now . However, I thought I'd post it  with the workaround in case it helps someone else, or highlights an issue with the router/firmware/phone compatibility.Switched a few days...

Jaffo by 2: Seeker
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Recovering a landline number lost during porting

We switched from Plusnet to VF Full Fibre home broadband 1 month ago, and were assured we could keep our existing landline number. The number porting was a disaster, with the landline only fully operational 2 days ago, but was then using a different ...

Awams01 by 2: Seeker
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