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Landline unable to accept incomming calls

City Fibre have just attempted my installation, Fibre connected and broadband working fine, phone connected and outgoing calls working fine, Unable to recieve Incomming calls it just goes to call forwarding, called vodafone who went through the insta...

daxxa by 3: Seeker
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call divert landline

worst customer service i have come across 3 hours on the today and 3 hours today issues still not resolved no one seems to understand the issues seriously thinking of cancelling after only recently connecting

VOIP: No Dial Tone - But can receive calls

Hi,Moved to Vodafone about 2 weeks ago. Openreach came round and installed the router. Everything OK. Checked I had a dial tone, and could make and receive calls. I'm on Fibre2 with VOIP.Today, no dial tone and cannot make outgoing calls. Just hear s...

Landline not working. Superfast Broadband not affected.

Been a vodafone broadband/landline/mobile customer for several years. Recently upgraded to Superfast 2- Full fibre. My landline has now stopped working for all outbound calls (no dialling tone) but inbound calls can be received as normal. Broadband i...

Caller ID Name

Hello!I would like to know if Vodafone has service that will show my company's name or my name the way I want on their phones when I call them? Sincerely, Valeriy Ledovskiy      

Digital Voice ??

Hello, I ordered fibre 2 (max dowload 80mbs)  - that is the fastest product I can get after putting in my postcode.Also had to consent to 'digital voice'. How is it possible I will have 'digital voice' with a fibre to the cabinet product? 

Resolved! Landline, router and rj11( 6P4C / 6P6C )

I'm looking to make a longer cable with an rj11 at both ends connect a landline to Tel1 on the router.The supplied adapter appears to use: rj11( 6P4C ) .Is there anything special about Tel1 or just a standard rj11( 6P4C ) required ? I tried mak...

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vibre by 3: Seeker
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Moving house - vodafone won't disconnect phone

Hello, I informed vodafone I am selling my house on 25 November, but when I rang up vodafone have told me they cannot cancel the phone line until Dec 16. This means I can be billed for all calls made by the new owner for many weeks.  How can I protec...