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Vodafone Spend Manager

Looking around my account have found the Vodafone Spend Manager, since VF doesn't offer "Blocking of outgoing calls /all/international etc"I thought it could be great way to control spending on the lan...

How to stop outgoing calls on landline

Hi everyone, Is there a way I can block ALL outgoing calls from our landline because our 3 year old keeps dialling random numbers as well as the last number redialled!? If there isn't, then I'm going to have to simply unplug it from the wall.  Thanks...

LSO66 by 2: Seeker
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Analogue Landline to Digital

I have VF VDSL2 80/20 package with landline, and at the moment landline is connected to microfilter and it works.But the modem/router supplied THG3000 has 2 ports for Digital landline, looking around the web interface of the THG3000 in "Expert Mode" ...

Pro Superfast Landline Problem Solved

I have been through difficulties until this problem was finally solved. I have been missed around by chat customer service, and only second level xpert could guide me correctly.To cut short, you need:-Analog (standard) landline phone that can be conn...

fidodido by 2: Seeker
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Diverting to mobile

Ok so I have a vodafone landline ONLY FOR PURPOSE OF CONNECTING TO B/BAND. I don’t have or use a phone as a landline. I need to hear a OTP call message urgently. I cannot call 2 or whatever number is from a landline as don’t have a landline phone dev...

deets by 2: Seeker
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Charged for calls to an 0800 number

I made a few calls to an 0800015 number and somehow I was billed for them and on the bill it showed up as an 01900 number. After seeing additional charges of £8 I wanted to see what this was for and an 01900 number was listed a few times. So I rang t...

Vodafone cannot tell me how to unblock a incoming number

About a year ago I had a problem with someone calling me on my landline to which I objected.  I contacted Vodafone and they showed me how to set a block on the number. It has worked but now the situation has changed and I wish to unblock the number. ...

ojos by 4: Newbie
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