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Voip land-line number not valid

I transferred from PlusNet to Vodafone (Full Fibre) on 13/10/23, going to voip for my land-line (previously through the copper BT line), selecting to keep my telephone number of 30 years (the only number which my Podiatry patients have for me). I was...

Anytime calls

How hard is it to get things right upgraded my broadband package in September that stated In the contract that I would get anytime calls at no extra cost yet I'm being charged £8 a month for them even in my account it states anytime calls are inclusi...


Caller blocking

Hi guys and girls,Is there any way to block phone numbers on the landline?I've looked under manage but didn't see anything for it. I keep getting scammers ringing the house and I've a list of different numbers they use and wish I could block them.

JB_MASON by 4: Newbie
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REN value from thd3000 Router (digital voice phone)?

In a week I am having to have digital voice, I was told I could not renew my contract without, I could have stayed on a rolling contract at a premium cost, but to take a new contract the digital voice was a requirement.In preparation I have stripped ...

kudos1uk by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! Landline not receiving or making calls

I have fibre broadband and home phone with Vodaphone. Everything has been fine for the few months up to now, but I got a message from my MIL saying she called but no answer.Here's the problem.I picked up the home phone and got a dial tone.I called th...

GryphonM by 3: Seeker
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Can't dial one number

VoIP service. Receiving calls no problems. Dialling out, no problems. Apart from when I try to call my own mobile phone. It rings once, then I get an engaged tone. Doesn't go to voicemail. On my mobile, it doesn't ring, I just get 3 missed calls (for...

rjadev by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! Another FTTP install with Digital Voice problems....

I have just ditched Virginmedia and was initially pleased with my speedy new FTTP broadband. Unfortunately, I am also still suffering issues with the digital 'landline' a day later. I have a fibre connection box and Vox 3.0 router, so plugging my not...

Moving to VoIP on 3rd party router

Am currently changing my home landline service to Digital VoIP and use a Tp-Link Archer VR2100 router. Can you advise me if I can get a VoIP adapter and how to set it up, as I don't want to use the Vodafone Router.