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Is it possible to revert to normal phone line instead of VOIP?

I recently had Gigafast installed. The internet is great, however the phone line is a massive downgrade. I can no longer have features such as call waiting, caller display etc, I can't pay my rent over the phone as it does not pick up when I am typin...

Casza by 2: Seeker
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Landline not active after switching to Vodafone.

As the title says, my landline seems completely dead the morning of the switch to Vodafone.Broadband is working fine.Every other time I have switched providers the service has been seamless.I did not receive any communication from my previous supplie...

Meme76 by 2: Seeker
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Landline phone crackling and slow broadband

I have an issue with my landline phone and broadband and have attempted to report it to Vodafone through various methods with no success. So I am hoping someone from the Tech team will see this. My broadband is on Super Fast 2 and I have been getting...

Fenders by 3: Seeker
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Noisy Landline

Upon attempting to either make, or receive a call on my Landline, I am greeted by a buzzing noise. Apparently a caller can hear me, but I only hear the buzzing noise. It was definitely fine on 6 August, which was last time I used the Landline. I have...

Phone connection to router

I have an rj11 adaptor to connect my landline direct to green output on router. It doesn’t work. Do I have to change any settings in the router to make the green sockets live?If yes , how? If not, any other suggestions.

Buster52 by 2: Seeker
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Setting up voicemail on landline

My parents have just moved to Vodafone Home and I'm trying to help them set up their landline voicemail - The site says to call 08080 034 515 - when I do, say voicemail, add home number then listen to the options none of them work. They keep telling ...

nrasl by 2: Seeker
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I can’t receive incoming calls

I transferred to a Vodafone landline yesterday and now I can’t receive incoming calls but can make outgoing calls. I requested to keep my number from my previous provider (TalkTalk). I don’t understand why but need it fixed ASAP.

Muhsima by 2: Seeker
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Phone line

HiI recently had Gigafast installed. The installation is done asFrom the telephone pole the fiber cable is coming to an outside gray color box. There are two output from the gray box 1) to the Openreach telephone socket.2) to a small white box with 3...