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When I was using Superfast 1 I had a VoIP line from my employer. But I have been told by Vodafone that I must have gigafast for my landline to become a VoIP. I am at present Superfast 2 and I am moving home and cannot get gigafast at new address. Why...

Spam Calls

Hi,I just received to calls to our landline line from someone purporting to be from Openreach, say that they had noticed an issue with my service. How can I stop these types of calls? Plus how do I track the number they are from and potentially repor...

Relocating Landline Entry Point & Master Socket

We have our landline and broadband (and mobile) accounts with Vodafone. We are planning an extension on our house and this will require the landline entry point being moved. Also the master socket is located near the front door and we are getting poo...

NO incoming calls on landline

Incoming calls now not working at all.Calls register as a "missed call|".Outgoing calls are OK................coincidently, this only happened since I registered an issue re upload on broadband.Have posted a note on both twitter and facebook - no res...

kes1066 by 4: Newbie
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text on landline

Have just bought a new home phone (landline) with SMS feature.  I find I can send texts but not receive them.  I have caller display, but if a text is received it goes to voice.  Can I receive texts on my landline phone with my Superfast1 contract?

slotph by 4: Newbie
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changed to Vodafone in May from XLN Vodafone still unable to port number says the request has been rejected 6 timesXLN says they will port it once they receive the request.Given the correspondence between Vodafone and myself  and various excuses I am...

joymount by 2: Seeker
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No Call managment features

I recently upgraded to Superfast 2 extra to get the free minutes and found my caller display wasn't working as previously. My call divert was working at this stage. I contacted support and they fixed my caller display but now I don't have call divert...

Hereu by 2: Seeker
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Still no incoming calls on landline

A follow up to the thread I posted on previously So I submitted a complaint via webform on 25th July and have not even had any contact from  Customer Relations even tho...

Landline not working again

For 2nd time recently no landline - last time took over a month to fix, and not even an apology from Vodafone. This time raised issue immediately ticket FLT09885223 - line & home broadband went out at 06.30 in a thunder/lightening storm.At least with...

Trouble with turning on Voicemail Standard

Hi, I am a new broadband and landline customer and I cannot seem to do anything to turn on standard voicemail (1571) on my landline. I tried several calls to customer support who keep me transferring me and then telling me to wait 24hrs. Tried to tur...

mk-472 by 2: Seeker
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