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Call divert on fibre

About six months ago I posted about VF not allowing call divert on fibre when I’d had it working for about 6 months. Well, I have tried to reactivate on several occasions since and suddenly on Saturday it started working again. This time i I will not...

Ponyman by 4: Newbie
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THG3000 Wi-Fi Hub with an unreliable ATA Port (Phone not ringing)

Productname:                  Vodafone Wi-Fi HubFirmware-Version:           19.4.0551-3261126I have 2x analogue phones plugged in to the ATA ports (TEL 1 and TEL 2):TEL 1 - DECT basestation (Siemens Gigaset N300A IP)TEL 2 - Wired handset (BT Duet 210...

Porting my 46 year old landline number

Having joined vodafone i now have new number when I asked if I could keep my old number i was told it would take 5 days and I could keep it but it did not happen when I asked again I was told my previous provider talktalk would not release it and I w...

Gloria-b by 2: Seeker
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Vodafone want to give me a new VOIP number.

So I used to be with plusnet and they were happy to continue giving me phone and broadband until they take down the copper cables in 2025 or whenever its happening, but it was more than what others were offering so I moved to Vodafone under the expli...

How long to transfer landline to Vodafone?

We just got our broadband activated today moving from Sky and all seems to be working fine except for the landline. The number shows up in the My Vodafone app but I get the "has not been recognised" when calling it. How long does it typically take fo...

'dugital voice' + own router = no landline

So Vodafone switched us to VoIP on Monday. On Monday, I got the adaptor and read the instructions. 'Plug the adaptor into the green socket on the back of the Vodafone router'. Fine, but I use my own mesh router with a BT modem, neither of which has a...

Dweeby by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! Landline VOIP over FTTC teething problems

My elderly parents have recently started a Fibre 2 broadband and landline contract with Vodafone. Their broadband is supplied via FTTC and the internet cable for the router emerges from a NTE5C Master Socket and connects to their Vox 3.0 router. Just...

kj-mil71 by 3: Seeker
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