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Digital voice landline problems

I have recently upgraded to Digital voice and although its claimed it live the phone light is not illuminated at all!Support are telling ,me I need to buy a digital phone with 2 RJ11 ports as mine only has 1 port. I was not provided with a suitable p...

nigell by 2: Seeker
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Adding phones to house after upgrade to Digital Voice

Hi… Can anyone help me with this? I’m not very techy so bear with me. I recently changed to Vodafone broadband/landline from BT. It has changed to digital voice so I now only have one working phone (attached to my router). I asked the engineer how I ...

AllyJMcA by 3: Seeker
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How to get my landline working again (post FTTP installation)?

Hi there As per the subject line above; I have had no landline service since having my broadband upgraded to fibre optic on 11th January, I have honestly lost count of how many calls I have made to Vodafone's customer service (sic) department - and e...

No way to connect landline phone to Vodafone hub ?

I have just moved to Vodafone Pro from BT fibre into the house. I have BT essentials cordless phones BT Essential Digital Home Phone | BT Helpwhich have no socket to connect to the hub.  Do I need new phones ?  I do not have phone wall sockets. From ...

duncan61 by 2: Seeker
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Your home phone and broadband is changing

Since Jan 11th VF has been sending me e-mails about the "A change is coming to your home phone service"We’re switching your home phone service from the old copper network to a new broadband-based service called Digital Voice.We’ll be in touch within ...

VOIP on Desktop

Hello,I have theVodafone broadband package which includes the VIOP telephone line. I am disabled and struggle to use a regular phone, prefering to use a headset on my PC.I can't for the life of me find an app or way to make this work, although I know...

higham01 by 3: Seeker
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My mobile phone makes and receives calls no problem. However, if I ring my mobile from my own landline, I always get the engaged tone even though I'm clearly not on my mobile? The landline rings anyone else no problem. I need it to ring my mobile as ...

mammal65 by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! New to VOIP - loud "no service" tone on extension sockets

My landline switched over to VOIP today but I'm still on FTTC broadband.  The master socket is in my bedroom but I need the phone's base unit downstairs in the living room using the extension socket.  So I'm running a cable from the green Tel port on...

LukasD by 3: Seeker
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split porting problem

hello,I started a new contract with vodafone, 15th may. I specified that i wanted to port my existing phone number. I transferred to city fibre internet/ vodafone. I can make phone calls outward but cannot receive calls. The caller gets an immediate ...

pjz by 2: Seeker
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