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discovery+ and Vodafone

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)



6 months access to discovery+

Entertainment at no additional cost

Vodafone Pay monthly customers only. After 6 months, price is £4.99 a month. Automatically added to your monthly Vodafone bill unless cancelled.

Cancel anytime. No refunds or credits for partial billing periods. discovery+ account set up required. 18+. For details on how to claim and full terms, visit our terms and conditions page


I already have an Entertainment plan - can I still get discovery+?

You don't need an Entertainment plan to take advantage of our discovery+ '6 months on us' offer - it's available to any customer with a Vodafone Pay monthly plan.

If you already have an Entertainment plan, you'll still be able to access your inclusive Spotify Premium, Amazon Prime or YouTube Premium subscription as normal, while also enjoying discovery+. You can also cancel discovery+ at any time, as it's not included in your plan.

How do I activate discovery+?

Our discovery+ offer is available through VeryMe Rewards, which you can access using the My Vodafone app. Once you open VeryMe, head to the Entertainment portal and you'll be asked to sign in with a One Time Password (OTP). Once signed in, you should see the discovery+ offer available.

Alternatively, you can visit our discovery+ page to access the offer, then just follow the same sign-up process as above.

How do I cancel discovery+?

You can cancel discovery+ anytime by visiting the 'Manage Subscriptions' tab in the Entertainment portal of the My Vodafone app and clicking on the 'cancel' button.

Can I pause the offer and restart it at a later date? 

Unfortunately not - once you have subscribed to the discovery+ offer, your 6 months will begin immediately and end exactly 6 months from your start date. For example, if you subscribed on 1 August 2021, then your offer will end on 1 February 2022.

What happens when the offer ends? 

We will send you a text reminder shortly before the 6 months comes to an end. If you choose to continue using discovery+ after 6 months, you will be charged £4.99 a month to your bill. If you don't want to continue, just cancel your subscription before the 6 months is up.

Will I see discovery+ on my bill? 

discovery+ will not be included on your bill during the '6 months on us' period. If you decide to continue using discovery+ after this period, it will then appear on your bill.

What happens if I'm an existing discovery+ customer? 

If you already have an account with discovery+, you will have to cancel this account with discovery+ directly in accordance with their terms, or wait until your subscription has expired to take advantage of this offer.