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Mobile Broadband

4g but no access to Internet. 3 days of hours of calling 191 and not resolved.

2: Seeker



My 1st month on new contract with 120gb data, unlimited texts and calls renewed on 20th. Ever since the 20th my Internet via 4g does not work. I have called 3 times with hours of time to 191 and everyone seems clueless, and has not resolved the issue. I do not have a phone to try swapping sim. Today I call and I have been told to call back another day because an update is being done vodafone side. I require the internet for my job, and rely on this to get to one place and another for deliveries. This is not acceptable.


So far I have done network reset, used a different vpn,  they have reset my account via the technical team. I checked bars and cannot see a bar stopping me access data. I have read other posts and this seems a very common issue. Why on earth has Vodafone not resolved this issue within updates?? We are paying for data and not receiving it. 


I need this yo be resolved today by 4pm. I am working from 4pm today and require the internet whilst out in my car. I have the s21 ultra plus. 

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Hey there @Traywhite75 thanks for getting in touch - I know how important it is to stay connected and I'm sorry you're having these issues using your mobile data. 

I'd also like to offer my apologies for the poor experience you've had when getting in touch and that this hasn't been resolved for you. 

We'll need to take a look at your number and your account, to see what's going on. Please come and chat to my team over on social media, so we can take your details securely. 

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