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Mobile Broadband

5G with Huawei CPE Pro 2

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this might be a bit technical but after going through few months of troubleshooting in which I replaced my router, replaced my SIM, reset all network devices quite a few times... I noticed that my internet connection lags or is bumpy only when the router is assigned some IPs. For example now I have and it works beautifully.


Some IP that seem to be troublesome, instead:


Here is what usually happens when I have one IP similar to the above:

- I open Safari on my iPhone and try to open a website (even google, doesn't matter which one)

- the loading indicator make some progress then it gets stuck

- if I wait most of the times the page will eventually time out

- if I reload or input the web address again, it usually works fine


That doesn't only happen with Safari, but also using apps, OKLA Speedtest, streaming services like Netflix, Prime etc.


Curiously the speed of the connection is never a problem, I usually have 400+/70+ but, again, when the router has one of those IP .. it seems just more "difficult" to establish a connection.


I realise this might be a long shot but... is there a way to investigate this with a more serious approach, perhaps also on Vodafone side? After all the device reset, device swap, sim swap, etc... I am getting a bit ut of ideas.


If needed I have lot more info to share.



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Anybody knows if there is a way to discuss the matter with somebody on the networking side of things? All the customer supporta representative I've spoken so far could cover topics such as coverage, sim replacement, device reset quite well, but nobody could explain the weird behaviour I'm experiencing.

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Hey there @vellori - I'm sorry for the delay in responding to you. This is quite an odd one 🤔 Apologies if this question seems non-technical, it's just to get more of an idea of what might be causing the issue. Do you move the router to different locations or does it stay at the same address?

If you do move it to different address/locations regularly, do you notice if these issues pertain to once specific location?

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Hello @evie thanks for replying.

I tried many locations and ultimately picked up the one which shows the best signal. Different locations showed slightly different speeds (ranging from 300 to 500 download). In all of them it works pretty well at the beginning, to be honest. After some time, which can range from a few hours to usually 10/15 hours... I'm not sure what happens.

What I can observe is that I usually have one IP similar to those mentioned. Some website work flawlessly and some other, which I haven't visited before, just hang. If I reload the browser it usually loads. I tried to use different devices, different browsers (and many different sites). 

It doesn't seem to depend on the app, website, or device, or time of the day but more of a OSI layer 3 network issue.


 I collected some traceroutes and I can share if you think will help.


As mentioned I've been troubleshooting this since long time and just to recap:

- Vodafone has swapped SIMs (believe to be defective)

- Huawei swapped my device (just to be on the safe side)

- I reset my Huawei device multiple time

- I verified the connection to be very good, greatest quality available and connection speed can confirm it

- I tried multiple device, including: two laptops, 3 phones, TV, Apple TV, with different browsers


What could be next steps?


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Possible follow up: I'm right now having an issue also with IP

so that kinda disprove my previous idea and I'm back at square zero: Not sure what's going on but definitely isn't right

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I'd like to add some information, if it helps.

I've checked Cell towers positions using CellMapper service, I'm sure this third party provider can't be 100% accurate, however using the site I can identify the tower I see from my living room, which are Cell identifier:



(plus others)


The router is now in a position where it has a visual on said the cell tower, and signal strength is maximum for both 4G and 5G signals. This kinda make me think I shouldn't have problems in this area, also because speed is always superlative, much higher than expected (like right now is 600/100)


Any other ideas?

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