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Mobile Broadband

Access Internet question

4: Newbie


I have the Vodafone network on an old Samsungt GT-E2550 (GPRS Dual Band), and I am trying to configure the settings so that I can access the Internet both where free Wi-Fi is available and via my Internet router.

If I go to Menu | Internet | Home, I get a 'network unavailable' message. If I select 'Home', I can see under URL: http://. If I select 'Settings' and then Vodafone Contract WAP | View, under \home URL I see and Bearer: GPRS only, 'Proxy' on, 'Address', 'Port' 8799, 'DNS', 'DNS', 'GPRS Settings' 'Access name', 'User ID' wap, 'Password' ***

I do not know the password.

How do I configure the settings above, please, so that I can access the Internet?


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17: Community Champion

Hi @SteveHigh


Although you have posted on the mobile broadband board, looking at GSMarena for your phone specifications, the following comes up:


Although the phone only supports the GSM network, you should although slow, may be able to access a small amount of data by following the link here: How do I set up my phone for internet access and picture messaging (MMS)?


If this is a mobile broadband device follow this link: How do I set up my tablet or data dongle for internet access?


Mobile Broadband software can be download from the link here: Mobile Broadband Software

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