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Mobile Broadband

Annoying pop up

1: Seeker

Keep getting an annoying popup on a website supposedly from Vodaphone. “  Hello vodaphone customer you’ve been selected to win one of these 3 gifts iPhone X etc etc “ press  OK link to continue.  There’s no OK link only close . It doesn’t close but takes me to another page . I have to delete my cache to try and get on the web page I was visiting again. The popup reappeares again..

Is it a genuine  popup from Vodaphone.  Thanks.

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7: Helper
It's not a Vodafone pop-up. The coe on the webpage you're visiting has identified your service provide as being Vodafone from your IP address. Had you been using the EE network, it would have displayed a "Hello EE Customer..." etc.
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Hi @Bobjay this doesn't sound like it's anything to do with us I'm afraid. I'd suggest not clicking the pop up as this could take you to a spam page.

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