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Mobile Broadband

Can’t Join PS4 Parties

2: Seeker



Ive just set up my R219 Mobile Wifi, unlimited internet, speed stated as fastest available. I can log onto my PS4 network, play Warzone which is online. But I cannot be invited to a party or join a party, either in game or on the PS4 main screen. The issue is to do with the mobile broadband as it has only just occurred.


The connection speed (download) the PS4 shows is around 17mbps which doesn’t exactly scream “fastest available in your area.”


Any ideas?

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Hey there @dakotagrey - Hmmm, how odd! What errors are you getting when you try to join a party? Could you attach any screenshots of the error please? 📸

Were you using WiFi connection before you got your MiFi device? 

In regards to your speeds, so that I can check the network status in your area could you confirm your postcode? If you would prefer to not post it publicly, please add it to your profile, only moderators can see it then 😊

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