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Mobile Broadband

Charges for going over data limit.

1: Seeker

Had my WiFi box since September and iv never gone over my limit I am always well below it. When I signed up the guy told me I couldn't go over it it would just stop working. Surprise surprise this month I'm getting charged an extra £52 for going over it by 2gb! It's a joke as I have a tablet with Vodafone aswell that iv never used the data on since I got it but I go over once and apparently there is nothing they are willing to do about it! I pretty much got told that it's tough! I think it's disgusting they treat their customers like this! 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Tanya07


As far as the data cap is concerned, the restriction if off by default and to prevent you exceeding the data limit, you need to enable the cap.  Please see below.


Data Capping


Please also refer the link below, this will help you avoid going over the allowance.


How can I see my balance and remaining data allowance on my tablet, Mobile Wi-Fi device or Data Dong... 

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@Tanya07 We'd love to take a look into the charges for you and investigate why this wasn't capped. Please send us your details over following the instructions I've sent out in this private message.

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13: Advanced Member

@Josh wrote: We'd love to take a look into the charges for you and investigate why this wasn't capped. 

Why, oh why, doesn't Vodafone engage the cap by default? It only takes one opt-out, and you're opted out until you change your mind and opt back in. As far as I can make out, the other networks cap by default, and they get extra cred for not landing their customers in the mire like this.

Vodafone's position on this isn't widely understood or realised - not even by some of their sales advisers, it would seem. It really isn't enough just to have it in the small print.

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