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Data not allocating to video pass

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2: Seeker


I purchased a mifi dongle in November with a 50G data allowance and added the video pass. I have watched various programmes on the Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube apps and during the first two months the video pass recorded the data that I had saved from my 50G inclusive limit during this time. Infact hardly any of the 50G inclusive data was used during this period. However, during the current billing period I have suddenly used all of the 50G inclusive data in the first nine days and the video pass is registering 0G of data used even though I have continued using the mifi to watch tv on the above apps just as I did in the first two months. When I called customer services they were helpful and ran various checks on my account but were unable to explain why this is happening and so transferred me to technical. Technical suggested switching the mifi off and then on again but when this didn't solve the issue they too were at a loss as to what to do. I currently have £109 of out of plan charges on my account which I have been assured will be refunded but in the meantime I have had to switch the mifi off. Can anybody help me with this please?


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If you have a look around this forum you will see various posts about these passes and the confusion about what is covered or not covered by them. I am sure you will be amongst many who will have billing problems with the uncertainty and lack of definitive answers. It`s strange that the pass worked for the first two months and now not so, has your setup changed ? Are you watching on a different device from previously ? Sorry I can`t help more but hopefully someone from VF will explain what has been going on or a least ask you to fill in a form !

Hi Pipcoo, thanks for your reply. Nothing has changed from the previous two months, same devices and the same apps.

@Tommytwocrates - We can investigate what’s happening with your data and the charge you’ve incurred.

I’ve sent you a private message with how to send us your details. Please follow the steps from there and we’ll be in touch.

Hi Gemma, I called customer services again on Monday and spoke with a very helpful chap called Sheroo, he told me that the issue had now been resolved and I can confirm that the data is now being allocated to the video pass. He also told me that the £180 out of plan charges that are currently showing on my account would be refunded, I trust that the billing team will be aware of this when payment is due.


Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Thanks for getting back to us @Tommytwocrates. I'm glad to hear Sheroo has resolved your issue. The billing team be informed of your refund via your account notes.

Have you since recieved your refund?

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I had the very same issues! And am appalled with the video pass and the vodafone service! Noone seems to give the same answer and these passes are just too new and their sales team have no clue! What exactly is covered by the video pass??

Moved to a new city in January and a data only plan seemed like a good idea for a month or two. Already have a MIFI device so got a data only sim from the store across the road. He sold me a video pass and 30GB of general data. 


I asked what the pass doesn't cover, as my housemate and I mainly just  watch netflix. He said any mobile device. I asked about macbooks and samsung laptops and he said they'd both work fine. I wasn't sure so read the terms and conditions, so thought laptop is fine as netflix is included in the list of websites. And i'm not too sure what they mean by mobile that not a laptop?


5. Vodafone Passes allow use of specific apps and websites without using inclusive data allowance.


13. You can tether another mobile device or tablet to your phone, tablet or MiFi device, and enjoy the endless data from the apps included in your passes. Tethering to other devices such as your video game console, TV, or through a smart device such as Chromecast, Roku, or Fire TV Stick, is not included in your passes.


The first month was perfect, no issues, hardly used any of the 30GB includisve data, only about 10GB.


2nd month, we used all our general data with 2 days of the bundle resetting, and went over by at least 15GB, and have hundreds of pounds of charges on the account. 

Fast forward to 1 month later, about 8 phone calls, and 4 shop visits, they have finally said a mobile device does not include a laptop, they said only use a mobile phone or tablet, and when you do, make sure the video is in standard definition not HD (couldn't see anything about this in their T&Cs).  

When asked why i didnt put a cap on the account i told them I had  already been told by vodafone that a data cap would stop the video pass from working. And then asked why wasn't I sent text messages about reaching my limit, i said the sim card is in a mifi device, how would i get these texts, despite setting up my own mobile number on the account.

They told me they would remove the charges as I was misold, but then went to credit my account but said they couldnt, that i would have to go in to a store.

In store, spent an hour talking to their sales guy who was still saying I could use laptops...anyway, another 1 hour phone call and they eventually credited back the hundreds of pounds (thankfuly and he was acutlaly pretty helpful), but only credited it because as I wasn't informed I had reached my data limit (as the sim card was in the mifi) so I did not have to pay for the overcharges. 


So if anyone else is in this situation I would call and call and call and do not take no for an answer! Especially if you're in the right.


Now though, I'm not using the laptop at all, and only use netflix app on my phone, however carried out a trial where I downloaded a 1GB video in netflix, then turned off wifi/data etc.. on all other devices and that 1GB of data came off of the gneral allownce not the video no clue what is actually included in this pass...

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

@Lida22 I'm not sure if you need clarification, as I can see this has all been spoken about with you and your bill has been rectified. 

Our Video Pass includes apps: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, DisneyLife, My5, TVPlayer, UKTV Play and Vevo. 

As you've quoted from our Ts&Cs -13. You can tether another mobile device or tablet to your phone, tablet or MiFi device, and enjoy the endless data from the apps included in your passes. Tethering to other devices such as your video game console, TV, or through a smart device such as Chromecast, Roku, or Fire TV Stick, is not included in your passes.

A laptop would be classed as a computer rather than a mobile device, so wouldn't be included within the pass. 

You're also unable to apply a data cap as this will not work alongside any of our passes. 

If there's any further questions you did have, please let us know. 

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I have just had the same problem, on Sunday I managed to rack up £195 of data over my limit even though all I did was binge watch Netflix.


I have spoken to customer services about not recieveing a text warning and also trying to explain that I only use my internet to watch Netflix (I am on the small 2GB package with videopass) but it seems there is nothing they can do. I have called 5 times now and all they offered was £50 off the bill, but that doesn't address the fact there must be a technical issue here.


Now I am scared to watch Netflix again in case it happens again. £200 in one afternoon! Especially as you can't put a cap on the with videopass.


I was also misinformed when I purchased the package that streaming Netflix to a smart TV was fine, otherwise I would not have purchased it, as with the other people the first 3 months worked fine.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@smf08 As advised above by @Alex streaming to a Smart TV through your phone isn't covered by your Video pass. This is included in your Ts&Cs.