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Mobile Broadband

Data usage gone over in 3 days!?

4: Newbie

So my plan refresh’s on the 2nd of every month. I have a mobile Wi-Fi  dongle ( Vodafone R218h) I’ve had this device since December 2018.

I decided this would be the best plan for me. 30GB of data a month with an added video pass, costing me £27 a month, which I’m happy to pay. I was told I could use my laptop and my  consul on this box and so I have been doing so since I got the box out and everything was fine! I was told if I was watching YouTube or Netflix it would all come out of my video pass, so I’ve been doing that since, nothing has changed since December and I’ve never ever gone over the 30GB a month! 

I’ve had no issues up until now. 

However this month! I’ve somehow gone over my data, I’ve racked up a bill of £46.50, it might not sound a lot to you but for me that’s a big chunk of money and simply I can’t afford that. Also just to add apparently I managed to do this in the space of 3 days! 3 DAYS!? Now I’m really confused. 

Now I was confused because I’m the only one that uses this device for Wi-Fi. 

If it was the PS4 it would’ve done it the previous months right?  Well that’s what I’m assuming. 

Howver today I’ve read up you cannot use your laptop or consul on this device , which I was told by an assistant manager that I definitely could!?

So today I have learnt I’ve been completely and utterly Mis-sold too. 

To say I’m disappointed with the support from Vodafone is an understatement, it’s been shocking. All I’ve been offered is a free 1GB of data... 1GB like come on? That’s going to really last me the whole month? 

Your video passes don’t even work? 

I have rang up 5/6 times in the last 3 days asking what’s happened and I’ve been told each time that they do not no... now how do you not know? I was promised I would be recredied the money and I would be given 20GB of data for the inconvenience... when I rang the next day to ask why my Wi-Fi had been cut I was told I had no data... I said a women I spoke to had said I would be gifted 20GB of data and apparently that’s not on my notes on the system?? I’m completely annoyed and stressed with this situation...

Why wasn’t I told in the first place that I cannot use certain devices with this Wi-Fi? Why wasn’t I informed when I decided to pay for this? 

Why haven’t I been given any answers? Why have I been left with no Wi-Fi for a WHOLE MONTH because you think I’m to blame? 

Why has this suddenly started happening? 

Is this going to happen every month from now on? 

I’m shocked at this to be honest. I also learnt I can’t have a data cap on this Wi-Fi because I have a video pass... like what!? I’m honestly just disgusted with the way I’ve been treated and if nothing is resolved I WILL cancel this  appalling  Wi-Fi, I’m also going to be lodging a complaint to Ofcom. 

Had I known all this before hand I would never of bothered with this network in the first place. 

You misell your products and when question about it you don’t even know what you’re talking about. 

Also I was sold this product by an assistant manager... so I expect him to know exactly what he’s on about but clearly I was mistaken. 

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@Chelseamc2000 It's a shame to hear of the experience you've had since receiving a higher bill than usual, I understand how unsatisfying this must be. I'd love the opportunity to turn this around for you and get things sorted. So I'm able to do this, I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch with us.

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4: Newbie

Our data also increased massively in late Feb. Take a look at my post on Pay Monthly forum. It sounds like you are having the same problem as us.

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@7thCircleOfHell I've just responded to your post on another thread here 😊

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