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Mobile Broadband


1: Seeker
Can someone help? My phone won't let me use data even though I have it? also I went on the help centre and it's not loading?!! Can someone help please?
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17: Community Champion

Hi @Ellawxxx1



Are you Pay Monthly or Payg. 


I assume you can text and receive texts and make and receive calls. 


If this was happening to me this is what I'd check...


  • Mobile Data is turned to On in the phones settings. 
  • Try my Sim Card in another phone as a process of elimination to rule out the phone or sim card that may be at fault.
  • Try another Sim in my phone to see if data works If necessary any Vodafone Shop can replace the Sim Card via a Sim Swap. 
  • If this happens only at home area check my masts via Vodafone Network Checker.
  • Check in the online myvodafone to make sure no data bar is turned on. 
  • Text WEB to 40127 to set up internet. 
  • Double check my internet Apn Settings in the phone are correct. Vodafone Apn Settings.
  • Look at Vodafone and getting-started-with-mobile-internet.
  • Phone Customer service to have my account checked. Use Live Chat to check too as an alternative. 
  • Check my allowances and Tariff in myvodafone. On Pay Monthly it should just continue but charge you. On Payg you'd need to add more data or have enough credit to pay the daily fee. 
  • If the Pay Monthly contract was taken out after 5th May 17 look to see if the data cap is engaged in myvodafone. > What-are-the-data-caps.


To Note > If you have recently ported into Vodafone from another network bringing your number with you, and it's been a few days since your Porting in date then please do call customer service and ask for this to be checked that this isn't what's known as a Split Port which is where not all the files have settled correctly. Customer service should escalate this issue to the Porting Teams to remedy. 


17: Community Champion

Hi @Ellawxxx1


If you click the device support link below, you will be able to find the APN settings for your phone model.


Device Support


It is very important to select the correct APN for PAYG or contract.


If you are PAYG, the phone APN setting have to be set to pp or contract for pay monthly.


You can also try updating the SIM on the network. Depending on the phone you have, this is done by going into your network settings and scrolling down to more, mobile networks, when the networks come up, choose and alternative network, wait for it to kick you out and reselect Vodafone UK.


If you continue to have problems installing the correct settings, live chat will be able to guide you.  Alternatively, pop into a Vodafone Store for help and support.

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