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Mobile Broadband

Device usage frustration on my Vodafone R219 mobile broadband dongle.

2: Seeker

I've had a R219 Mobile Broadband for just a month, on a Pay-As-You-Go contract, in addition to an iPhone, also on Pay-As-You-Go.


Both devices show on My Vodafone account, but the usage link on the R219 doesn't function; the iPhone does. 


I received a text message from Vodafone warning about fair usage that I'd apparently used 325Gb on the R219, which seems unlikely. 325Gb data is a lot, and I can't see how I could possibly use that amount.


I then went to Greece (I'm based in the UK) and was told, after a week, that I'd gone over 25Gb (the limit overseas), and it was cut-off. 25Gb to watch one Netflix movie is just impossible, surely?


Yesterday I spent well over 2 hours (nearly 3) attempting to make the Chat Support person understand my problem, and offer a solution, or at least, let me view my usage on My Vodafone. I went through 3 support people, and just didn't  get anywhere with (a) explaining my problem and (b) requesting a solution.


Is there any way of contacting Support without hours of waiting and not having to tap my messages via SMS. There has to be another way?


Note to mods/support Would you please not keep deleting this post and putting below my other post? It is a different query, and won't be read by anyone if it's on my other post.  Please leave it here, as I now urgently need an answer, which I have not been able to obtain from Vodafone support. Thank you

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Hey @Axotyl, It sounds like there's been a little confusion over your Dongle. As you mentioned 325GB of data is a lot and if you were using a Pay as you go service, this would require a lot of credit. Rather than it being on pay as you go, it's sounds like you're connected through one of our Unlimited plans. As these give you unlimited data, this isn't displayed in your usage on the My Vodafone app. You can still check this by downloading a copy of your bill once it's produced. If you'd like one of our team to clarify what plans you have connected to each of your devices and take a look into your usage, pop us a message through one of our social channels and we'll be happy to help 😊

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