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Dongle top up problems - another one?!

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I purchased a mobile internet dongle to use with my laptop while i dont have a broadband connection.
I payed 40 pounds for the dongle pre-loaded with 6GB on it.
There have been no problems with the connectivity and it has been a positive experience for the most part.
However when it came to topping up I was unable too online via the dongle.
I have tried everything, but when it comes to the 2nd stage (after confirming the phone number) it says there are no products available for this number.
I have created an account and tried the same thing on a different internet connection.
I tried it on the vodaphone software that automaticly installs with the dongle to no avail.
After spending hours trying to sort it out i gave up and had to resort to going into a store the next day.
I went into the store and topped up my dongle 6GB for 25 pounds.
I was pretty convined this wasn't going to work so i had bought my laptop along with me.
Too my surprise it didn't, it displayed 25 pounds in the balance of my account but i had no data and was only able to access the vodaphone website.
I went back into the store with my laptop and explained that it didn't work and showed them on my laptop.
They said they could sort it out and make it possible to top up online through my account next time.
They manually topped up my data 6GB through the system and it was successfull.

I had no faith that this would fix the problem of topping up my data online dispite the reasurance of the staff in store.
Surprise surprise i am in exactly the same boat as last time.
Worst infact, I can access the vodaphone website but it is not possible to log into my account through the only internet connection i have available (the dongle).
When i click "log-in to my account" to access the login page it just buffers and buffers until the connection has timed out.

I don't have a phone and even if i did i believe that the cost is astronomical and i still dont believe that this problem would be resolved.

I am going to have to travel by bus too a store tommorow and dump this confusing problem on one of the staff.
No doubt they wont be able to resolve the problem.

I think this is totaly unfair on my behalf, i cant even log into the forums from the dongle to post this so i am typing it up in notepad.

It is a solid product in terms of the connection and hardware but the software and website is shoddy to say the least.

I can guess that this is not a very used product and not very high on your priority list for the mammoth overhall it so desperately needs.

It clearly has been false advertising in my case as it is meant to be able to be topped up online via the dongle itself.

There have been no errors or exaduration in my case i am very tech wise (computer science degree)

A refund would be nice but at the moment i feel rendered useless and have zero faith anything will come of this.

sorry to dump this on the customer service staff as it looks like they are being constantly bombarded with like-minded complaints.
That being said i have read alot of complaints that sound similar.


So please i would like a refund, if not a full refund as i have used the data. Just a refund for the hardware of the product which was 15 pounds.


If nothing comes of this i will dedicate my sad sad life to giving this product bad reviews everywhere relevant on the internet.



Don't tell me to check or follow any existing links, i have done everything i can in my situation.

It is down to vodafone to fix this problem or compensate me for the false advertising of this product.


I have managed to post this from an EE dongle i have bought at the same price at a MUCH faster connection speed.


Refund pl0x



2: Seeker
2: Seeker

A reply would be nice?

could i get a refund in store please?


Vodafone - the lidl equivalent of a mobile network.


Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Hi @JakeHewitt ,

I'm sorry to see you've struggled to use the online TopUp option.

So that we can look into this further, take a look here for how to get in touch.

We aim to reply to emails within 48 hours. If you need a quicker response, please visit our Contact Us page.

Likewise, my team aim to answer most eForum posts within 48 hours. You can find more details in your welcome email.



I am not offering help - just saying that the problem of topping up online is one that at least 6 phone calls and 4 different alleged fixes over the last 7 months have failed to solve. Replacement sim, various resets, new account and numerous assurances that this time it would be fixed. It hasn't and the crowning insult was to be offered the automated number as a temporary solution - something I could have done myself.  I feel sorry for the service personnel who are being let down somewhere. I asked for my £50 back and was told that no refund is possible until the problem has been resolved i.e. they can keep going without ever solving the problem! Think about that for a minute...I pointed out that after giving them two opportunities to remedy the problem I was legally entitled to my £50 back. The manager to whom I was escalated said they do not take this view since I can top up some other way - apparently Vodafone are ok to re-interpret the law of the land and to accept it is ok to sell you something which is not completely as described without any obligation. I am posting to say that I have given up and if you encounter the same problem don't bother to try to solve it - use a shop to top up or bin it. And please - Vodafone - don't bother to reply to this as I am not going to waste any time logging in ever again. I created this account so you could see how futile it is to deal with you.