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Mobile Broadband

Experiences with Vodafone Mobile Broadband?

2: Seeker

So our contract with optus adsl is nearly up. Since I find the home broadband slow enough that I often switch to my mobile 4g at home (vodafone), I am considering changing to  mobile broadband.

Can anyone share their experience with speed of vodafone mobile broadband compared to their 4g network? Would hate to find out they don't compare...

We consistently only use about 50 gig of data, and I am very aware of how expensive going over our data allocation could prove.


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17: Community Champion

Hi @simbokarl 


Optus is an Australian telecom company, presumably you are wanting information for Vodafone Australia.


This forum is Vodafone UK and wouldn't be able to comment on Vodafone Australia products and services.  If you ask Vodafone Australia this question they should be able to help.

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