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How did I use 12GB in 1 day?

2: Seeker

I recieved my first bill of my 30 day contracted 50GB Mifi account and I am being charged £195 for 12GB data which was apparently used in 1 day.  I did not do anything out of the ordinary on that day and it is the highest amount used on any day which seems odd since that's the day my internet ran out. My normal usage is 2 - 4GB on days that I do use it, which still seems quite high.


It is only me who uses this wifi and I find it hard to believe I used up 50GB, let alone the 62GB in 1 month. 


On the day I suppodely used 12GB, I used it for emailing, face timing, wifi calling and some website browsing. There was nothing different about that day then all other days I had used it.


When I was with EE, I never went over 30GB a month.


I called Customer Services and was put through to a manager who took 50% off the charge meaning I now owe £100, I am astounded how they can charge that for 12GB of data. I am even more astounded that I managed to use that in 1 day. The manager said he could only take off 50% as it is valid bill and that the data used cannot be fabriacted... does anyone know if this is true? How it is measured? When I asked, I was told that the SIM sends the data info to Vodafone every few minutes...


I find it very hard to believe I used 12GB in 1 day and I can also see that others have had similar problems.


Please help and advise!




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Community Champion (Retired)


Firstly, as a matter of urgency, you need to turn on the data cap on your account, so that you can't got shooting through the top of your allowance again. As you've discovered, the out-of-bundle charges for data are very high - they are part of the contract you signed up to - and the bill can climb very quickly. Warnings are sent out as you reach the top of your allowance, but you may not have things set up to show such messages?

 Exactly what has been using the data depends very much on what equipment you have connected to your mifi device. For some of the reports of excessive usage, I can't see any very satisfactory explanation, but in other cases it looks as though Windows 10, with its very large updates, may have been the culprit. I don't use mobile data for my laptop, but I have looked at the various controls it has to avoid data charges - and it isn't all that user-friendly. I can tell it whether a connection is metered, but that will only stop it doing major updates via that route - if it reckons that something is needed to keep Windows running smoothly, it goes ahead regardless.

 I'd suggest having a good look around, to make sure exactly what is connecting to your mifi, and how data-hungry it is likely to be. Anything which is likely to use a lot of data needs to be disconnected from the signal when you don't actually need the signal. Any data monitors which you can use on the individual bits of kit could also be helpful - the data cap may shut things down once your limit is reached, but you don't want to find you've got there half way through the month.

Do report back on whether you discover what has been using so much data - or, indeed, whether you draw a blank. This is a worrying pattern, and the more we can establish about what is going wrong, the better placed we'll all be to prevent it recurring. My personal preferred first step would be to have the data cap on by default, so that customers have to make a conscious decision to switch it off - I can see that introducing that might cause a bit of confusion, since it has been running the other way about for some time now, but the present situation isn't great!

BTW, sudden last thought - presumably the data speeds you get in your location are adequate to chew through 12GB in a day?

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3: Seeker


I am in an exact same situation. I have been told that I used extra 12G in one day. I am shocked as how this is even possible. They cannot give me the list of devices connected either.  I have been offered for half of the bill which is simply not good enough! 

I was advised by the telephone support person, (after being on the phone and on hold for around 90 minutes) to write to the complaints team which I did, but the complaints page design is appalling. Once you submit the message, it just goes back to Vodafone's home page without any notifications. I did not even receive an email confirming they have my message, I wonder if this is a deliberate "feature". I am just on hold for around 30 minutes so far, as I am writing this message, to check to see if they have received my complaint. I have been passed around to 4 different teams and then on hold again. 

This has been one of the worse customer service experiences I have ever encountered. No more Vodafone for me. 

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@Medland It did sound like the manager you spoke to on the phone did cover everything for you. @Annie_N has also provided some useful tips and information regarding your query. 

If you did wish to talk to us further about this, I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch. 

@neh59 Please see the above, as I feel like @Annie_N's reply will also help you out. I'm disappointed to hear you feel this way about us, if you'd like to discuss anything further, please use the link in the private message I've sent. We'll then be able to access your account and assist. 

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