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Mobile Broadband

How does the 30 day contract actually work?

2: Seeker

I can't even find the terms anywhere, but all I want to do is have 30 days and then end it.


Is it actually possible to do that? Because you need to give 30 days notice... so are you basically forced to have 2 months? Because once the contract starts it's gonna be 29 days... so it's always gonna be the next month so you have to have 2 months before cancelling or am I understanding wrong and if so how do I make it so it stops after this month immediately. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @penguinrpg


You may find this link helpful in relation to the Terms and Conditions > Here.

If your wanting to close down a 30 day sim only contract so fast after starting one may I suggest you try a Payg  Account instead of having to go through Credit Checking and setting up of the Sim Only Account. 

In regards to a 30 day Sim only then yes you'd need to give 30 days notice and then Vodafone start the proceedings to closing it down and sending you a final bill. 

More info in > When-will-I-receive-my-final-bill. And > Vodafone and how to cancel-account.



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2: Seeker

So they make a 30 day contract that by default is 60 days or more? Seems fair.


And pay as you go gives half the data and the dongle is £10 more so it's useless.


What is the "30 day mobile broadband money back guarantee"?


In Vodaphone's terms for mobile broadband it says


>How do I cancel?

If you’re a new mobile broadband pay monthly customer you can return the product to where you bought it from. Just pop into the store or call 191 from your Vodafone mobile within 30 days of connecting your broadband


>What do I get back?

We’ll refund any payment you've made for your internet dongle. You'll only have to pay for your line rental and usage (including roaming charges) up to the day your broadband is cancelled


>How do I return the internet dongle?

If you cancel, just follow the instructions provided and return your dongle - complete and in good condition - in the pre-pay envelope we'll send you.


So what I'm doing applies to that right?

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@penguinrpg If you choose the Pay monthly option with a data dongle, the Terms and Conditions you've mentioned will apply to you.

As advised in the Ts&Cs, you'd need to return the dongle to us in good condition within the first 30 days to cancel the contract and receive the refund.

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1: Seeker



Can i keep the phone after cancelling a 1 month rolling monthly contract? Seeing i would have paid 90% or so of the cost on the same day I take the contract.

What about instead of cancelling the contract I switch to a pay-as-you go line after a few days of getting the contract so i can still keep the vodafone number? Is that an option?

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We don't do any phones on a 30 day rolling contract @all4tari. If you took out a Mobile Broadband device for example; if you cancelled within the first 30 days, you'd need to return this to us. After this time, you'd need to provide us with 30 days notice if you wanted to either cancel or move to Pay as you go.

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