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Mobile Broadband

K4203-Z Windows 10

2: Seeker

Hi there ,

After wasting several hours searching for the mobile broadband software on the vodafone site on Monday
I visited my nearest vodafone shop (20 miles round trip) on tuesday.

They were able to get my sim to work in a phone and on a different OS but it wouldnt work in my dongle or in a new one on my hp laptop windows 10.
I finally gave up with the dongle as a solution and purchased the R218h mobile boadband wirless hub with PAYG sim for £25, swapped the sim for my one and it works fine and is not dependant on the OS.


today i received your message

Thanks for the download page I have downloaded the software.(IMHO it is extremely frustrating that there is no link to that page anywhere on the vodafone site).

Feeling  that i should try the sw i downloaded it and installed it ( it said the version on my machine was older) so it removed that version and installed a new version.

I swapped the sim back to the dongle plugged it in and guess what .................. it was exactly the same......... dongle is not seen, usb beeps as though it is trying to load drivers, and will not show in the software...

back to the R218h which does work!!

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