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K5160 dongle won't work with my Zoom 4504 router

1: Seeker

Hi there,


I have just bought a K5160 dongle on PAYG, it works fine in my laptop but I want to use it in my Zoom 4504 router.

Zoom datasheet says Vodafone settings should be:

APN: =

Dialed No: = *99#

Username: = web

Password: = web


I tried these but it would not work 🙂

So I went on chat to Vodafone and then went on a live call to Vodafone techincal and they told me:


APN: =

Dialled No:= leave blank

Username: = web

Password: = web


I tried this but it still won't work 🙂


Can anyone please help me get this working,

I assume there is something simple missing in the settings.


Many thanks







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2: Seeker

Zoom Telephonics, Inc. (hereinafter “Zoom”) warrants this product against defects in material and workmanship for a warranty period of one year. The one year warranty may be extended only by Zoom as required by local law in the country where this modem is sold by Zoom. This warranty applies to the original end-user purchaser. Discord

For all Zoom products other than software,  Adobe Reader Zoom will, solely at its option, repair or replace this product with a functionally equivalent new or factory-reconditioned product during the warranty period. The consumer will deliver the product to Zoom. iTunes All transportation risks and costs in connection with this warranty service are the responsibility of the consumer.

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