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Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband - How To Change Usage Limit On Vmc


I am having trouble with my usage limits. Every time I connect to the internet I receive a warning that I have exceeded my usage. The usage counter says I have used 52MB.

When I looked at the settings it is set to 50MB. Surely this should be 3GB as that is the allowance? Any ideas on why it is set so low? And can I just change it? If so, what amount should I enter?

Also, when connected, the usage counter jumps around randomly. I know it is notorious for being inaccurate but surely jumping from 52MB to 64MB to who only knows what and back again is not right. The same is true of the Time category, jumping from 10hrs to all kinds of unreasonable time periods in the space of 5 minutes. I'm just wondering if it is an issue with the dongle.

Any advice will be much appreciated.

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Moderator (Retired)
Hi toffeemilkshake and welcome to our eforum :)

It is quite normal for the Usage settings in the dongle to be set to 50MB, but this can be easily amended to whatever limit you wish to set it to, depending on the data limit on your price plan. As you have a 3GB limit, then I would set this to 3072MB (as each GB is worth 1024MB)

You can amend this limit by following these instructions-

Double click on “Vodafone Mobile Connect” icon on PC Dashboard
Click “View Usage Settings”
Click “Settings” (at the top of the dashboard)
Click “usage”
Click the “ Usage Limit”
*Enter the required limited (in Mb’s)
Click OK

The issue with the 'Time' shouldnt be happening, so if this continues after you have changed the limit up, then please let me know.


eforum Team

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Hi Claire,

Thanks for the information.

So when I go into the Usage Settings there are two boxes. One is 3G and the other is GPRS. Do I change both of these settings to 3072MB? Or should it be divided between them? I.e. 1536MB in each.


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[. As you have a 3GB limit, then I would set this to 3072MB (as each GB is worth 1024MB)

:blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :excl:
DONT set the usage limit for anywhere near that!!! as its so innacurate! even if you stopped exactly when u reached that limit, vodaphone would put their hands in your pockets and take another 15 quid from you, and if its anything like my usage monitor, i used 1550mb last month but still got billed an extra 15 quid on a 3gb contract!!
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