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Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband On An Apple Macbook Pro

As Vodaphone have only just made using mobile broadband available on Apple Mac laptops, the instructions don't cover this situation.

Are there any specific instructions (I am non techie) that can be used to achieve this set up.

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Community Manager (Retired) JD
Community Manager (Retired)
Hi Acceofred

Welcome to the eForum. It's great to greet someone new. :)

Unfortunately as we don't stock the VC701Sl we don't have any instructions on how to set it up. As you mention in your post that we:

have only just made using mobile broadband available on Apple Mac laptops

I have the feeling you're not a Vodafone UK customer? (As Mobile broadband has been available on Macs for a quite a long time in the UK) In this case it would be worth contacting your countries own Vodafone as they should have instructions to cover the broadband. If you are a Vodafone UK customer you can get the standard Mac Software from our website here. Just download and install and you should be good to go.

If you are a Vodafone UK customer, and for any other eForumers out there, make sure to check out another part of our website - 'My Account'. It's a great tool that allows you to manage your account online so you can save lot of time. :)


eForum Team

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1: Seeker

Hi, I just joined the vodaphone network. Can I load Vodaphone mobile TV (Sky sports) package onto my macbook pro, as it is not recognised as a device on the 'Apple' drop down list?



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@ianmilne69 Have you got Sky Sports included in your package?


If you're unsure, you can ask for help on our Live Chat.


If you have the Sky Sports package and are having trouble accessing it on your Macbook Pro, you can download the Sky Sports App, or alternatively access it via their website.

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1: Seeker

HI. I dont have sky as cancelled a while back and took up BT. However, I read that I can sign up to vodaphone extras and watch Sky Mobile with my RED phone bundle. As my phone is uncomfortably to small to watch anything apart from text of social media, does vodaphone allow me (via an app etc.) to wtahc vodaphone sky mobile (as part of contrcat) to watch it on my apple macbook?


If so, I will sign up to it, as Ive already had NOW tv in teh past and it aint much....


Look forward to yor reply sirs..



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Our inclusive Sky Sports Mobile TV entertainment package gives you unlimited access to certain Sky channels on your mobile device.


Unfortunately you can't link it to watch it on your MacBook. You can only watch it on your mobile phone. 

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