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Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband - RAS 50 error


I'm using Win XP laptop with Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite Version

Installation works fine and the device is detected but when I click on connect I get the follow error message.

"Mobile connection not possible
-set your current mobile device as the default device in the Manage Devices view
-ensure that no other programs are using your mobile device and try again in a short while
-delete the device int he manage device view, add it back again, then try connecting.

If this error persists........

Support Info: RAS error code 50

I tried all the above recommendations but still get the same error, some times it gives RAS error 6

Any suggestions????????
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Moderator (Retired)
Hi RAS6,

This error may be caused by the WINDOWS FIREWALL being set to prevent incoming and/or outgoing communications on the dial-up connection.

To test if this is the case:
Go to CONTROL PANEL -> Windows Firewall; turn the firewall OFF and see if the error disappears.

Let me know if this works :)


eForum Team

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