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Mobile Broadband

Mobile WiFi connection issue

1: Seeker

Hi all, just gone with the 21st century and bought a mobile WiFi box and PAYG monthly. 

It was working perfectly and then suddenly said there were connection problems

I can't access Netflix now at all and its iplayer is giving a code - 102error. Network connection. All lights are Green on the box, anyone know what the issue is. I've unplugged the box and reconnected but no joy

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Oh no, that's very strange @Linnie 😞 Definitely not what you need after trying out some new tech for the first time!

It could be worth checking you postcode on our Coverage Checker - in case we're doing any planned work or experiencing any unexpected issues in your area; this could possibly be causing disruption to your service. 

Give this a go and pop back to us with an update. We'll also be more than happy to access your account and double check on everything from our side.

So we can do this, I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch with us directly.

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